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First Look – More 2015s 2

The 2015 Hot Wheels Price Guides have been updated with listings, prices, and pictures of more cars from both the A & B cases. The A case is starting to show up in retail stores now and the B case has only been found on Ebay so far.

The prices listed for these new releases reflect the current high demand and low supply.  The values will likely go down for many of the releases as more supply becomes available.

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First Look: 2015 Kool Kombi

The 2015s have started showing up in the Q Case mix.  Here is a look at the Kool Kombi regular release.  It looks like the Kool Kombi will also be one of the first Super Treasure Hunts for 2015 as some have already started showing up on Ebay.  The ones on Ebay are loose ones being sold from Malaysia but it doesn’t look like they have officially been released to retail as of now.

2015 Kool Kombi on Ebay

2015 073

First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels P Case 1

The 2014 Hot Wheels P Case releases have found their way to Ebay.  So far, only one of each release has been seen on Ebay.  Because they are so new and not readily available, they are commanding high prices, for the moment.  This will change as more hit the secondary market but many of the regular releases are going for $6-10, the La Fasta Treasure Hunt is going for $20, and the Super Treasure Hunt Harley Davidson Fatboy just sold for $50!  Don’t expect these prices to last for long, they are sure to come down.

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You can see the images below as well as find them listed in the 2014 Hot Wheels price guides.