First Look

2016 Hot Wheels M Case has arrived

You may have seen my unboxing video of the 2016 Hot Wheels M case that was posted last week.  This case had some great vehicles in it and I now have all the pictures and variations listed in the 2016 price guides.  Prices will be updated after they have been on the market long enough to gather some data.  The Driftsta is the Super Treasure Hunt for this case and the regular Treasure Hunt is the T-Rexstroyer.  Some notable New Models include the Minecraft Minecart, ’15 Mazda MX 5 Miata, and the ’16 Ford Focus RS.  The Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) in red has also been super popular from this set.  If you are looking to get the latest Hot Wheels before they hit your retail shelves, I recommend checking out Grana Toys or visiting their E-Bay store.

2016 Hot Wheels B Case

See the 2016 Hot Wheels B Case first!  Trenton reviews all of the cars from the 2016 Hot Wheels B Case.  You will see a few recolors of old favorites from 2015 and many new releases for 2016.  Check out the New Models and cars released for the first time to Hot Wheels Mainlines.  Which is your favorite?