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Hot Wheels N & P Cases

The 2015 Hot Wheels N Case and P Case are now listed in the price guides, along with pictures.  Prices will be added for these cars later, after enough secondary market information can be gathered.  The N Case Treasure Hunt is the Team Hot Wheels 4 x 4 while the P Case Treasure Hunt is the Rogue Hog.  The Super Treasure Hunt for the N Case is the Toyota Supra and the P Case Super Treasure Hunt is the ’71 Plymouth Superbird.  The N Case has a ’55 Bel Air Gasser than may or may not be a ZAMAC.  It looks like a brushed metal ZAMAC but it does not indicate it on the package.  First time New Models in the N Case include The Simpson’s Family Car, ’15 Jaguar F-Type Project 7, Haulinator, and Tee’d Off 2.  First time New Models in the P Case are Custom ’15 Ford Mustang, Power Surge, Aero Pod, and Grease Rod.  The P Case also introduces the Subaru BRAT to the mainlines for the first time, but it’s not considered a New Model because it has been featured in other Hot Wheels lines in the past. Subscribers to the Hallsguide Youtube Channel will be the first to see new Hot Wheels and the latest die cast news.

2015 Hot Wheels D & E Cases added

The 2015 Hot Wheels D & E cases are starting to show up and pictures and prices have been added to the price guides.

How many have you come across?  Which ones are on your wish list?  Share with fellow collectors on our Message Board.

First Look – More 2015s 2

The 2015 Hot Wheels Price Guides have been updated with listings, prices, and pictures of more cars from both the A & B cases. The A case is starting to show up in retail stores now and the B case has only been found on Ebay so far.

The prices listed for these new releases reflect the current high demand and low supply.  The values will likely go down for many of the releases as more supply becomes available.

Have you found any 2015s, yet?  Which is your favorite?  Tell us about it on our message board.