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What’s Hot Now: Spider-Man Evil Twin 3

With the release of the 8-car Spider-Man series by Hot Wheels, everyone is scrambling to find car #8, the Evil Twin.  This one prominently features Venom on the front of the card.  There have been many reports of 8 to 10 cases of the Spider-Man series showing up at stores, with only 1 or 2 Evil Twins to be found in the whole lot.

Many collectors are trying to complete the Spider-Man set right now, and with the Evil Twin being so hard to find, they are selling for $20-25 on the secondary market right now.

Spider-Man Series Evil Twin

Spider-Man Series Evil Twin

’67 Chevelle SS 396 Hidden Treasure Hunt 3

This year, Mattel brought us a new spin on Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts so collectors actually have to “hunt” for the cars instead of just looking for the green stripe on the side that we’ve all become so accustomed to.  These “Hidden” Treasure Hunts are variations on some of the regular series issues.  The Hidden Treasure Hunts replace the old “Super” Treasure Hunts from recent years.  These are harder to find than this year’s Treasure Hunt Series.  The variations feature Spectraflame paint, upgraded wheels, Treasure Hunt logos, and different packaging.

The 2012-110 ’67 Chevelle SS 396 Hidden Treasure Hunt from the Muscle Mania – GM ’12 Series is currently fetching around $20.  The regular issue in red is valued at $2.00 and the newer green recolor is currently valued at $3.00.

Join us on the Hallsguide forum to see the latest finds from our members or to show off your own.

Diecast Spotlight: 2010 Hot Auction Bugatti Veyron 2

As I was updating prices on the 2010 Hot Wheels Series, I came across an anomaly.  The Hot Auction Bugatti Veyron has been consistently selling for Super Treasure Hunt-like prices.  It has been found in two variations, a satin blue which has been selling for an average of $12.00 and the Wal-Mart exclusive satin red which has been going for an average of $20.00.

I haven’t seen a real good explanation yet for why this car is selling for so much but you can join the discussion here on our forum.

Maybe these were a short run, although some members of our forum report finding a few of them.  It could be a really popular casting or there could be a lot of speculation about the future value of this model.  Only time will tell if it can hold it’s value or possibly increase as some speculators are betting on.  One thing is sure, it’s been on the market for a few months and held it’s value well past the initial week or two of high demand that many new releases seem to go through.

Satin Blue


Satin Red Wal-Mart exclusive

Thanks to rleeroy for the images.