Diecast Spotlight

Diecast Spotlight: GreenLight Green Machines 6

You may or may not be aware of the relatively new diecast manufacturer, GreenLight Collectibles.  They are quickly making their presence known in the diecast collecting world with their premium diecast lines.  GreenLight also produces Green Machines, a rare chase car similar to a Super Treasure Hunt or Johnny Lightning White Lighting.  Green Machines make up 2% of the production run for any particular model, making them 50 times harder to find than the regular version of that model.  You can spot a Green Machine by looking for one of these features to differentiate between a Green Machine or regular production run:

1) GreenLight Green body (brilliant emerald green metallic paint)
2) Green chassis
3) Green rims
4) Green interior
5) Green tires

Here is a GreenLight Green Machine 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T that I found while shopping at Toys R Us.

Notice the green rims and metallic green strip on the collector’s card.

GreenLight has not yet made their way into Wal-Mart, but you can find them at Toys R Us, Target, and Meijer stores.  You can also find a large selection of GreenLight collectables, including .

Diecast Spotlight: #816 Ferarri 308 copper w/black interior

One of my all-time favorite Hot Wheels variations from my early days of collecting was Collector Number 816 – Ferarri 308 in copper with the black interior.  There were a few variations of this release, the one mentioned above, Copper with tan interior and 5 spoke wheels, Copper with tan interior and five-hole wheels, and a red version.  Most of the variations average $2-3 on the secondary market, while the black interior version goes for around $30.  I have seen few of the copper w/black interior on Ebay and none at local shows which leads me to believe it may be more rare than orginally estimated.

What will the next one go for when it hits Ebay again?

#816 Ferarri 308 Copper w/black interior (rare)

#816 308 Ferarri copper w/tan interior

Diecast Spotlight: Pixar Cars – Mater “Chase” with hood

In our Diecast Spotlight section, we aim to highlight rare or uncommon releases.  You may or may not be aware of the Disney Pixar Cars diecast line and their hard-to-find “Chase” cars.  These are basically a “Treasure Hunt” type release.  They are released in regular cases at a much lower rate than their mainline issues.

With Mater being arguably the most popular character in the line, his “Chase” cars tend to command a premium.  The first two Mater “Chase” cars released were Mater with an oil can and Mater with a glowing lamp.  In the Cars movie, Mater fished up his long-lost hood, paving the way for the third Mater “Chase” car, Mater with hood.

The Pixar line goes for an average retail price of $3.99.  The Mater with Hood is currently averaging $10-$15 on the secondary market, making it a great value if you are lucky enough to find it at a retail store.  If you are a big fan of Mater and can’t find it on the store shelves, .