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  1. i found a large box with about 300 hot wheels all in great shape and boxed. how can i get pricing for them. i can see some of them are collectors items,
    thanks sergio at 773-430-0802
    i need to sell all of them

  2. is there such a thing on variation value on if the factory forgot to put in a windshield on a sweet 16 2. one of those 2008 f.e.
    Im just wondering. Also, If I found a car packed into a wrong card. odd enough, i found 3 cars misplaced on wrong card, same kind. pearl driver series. 3 of them are wrong. one is correct. Is there any rare valuation on those type of things? or just color of logo, color of paint, and type of rims only? I asked because those variation on intentional seem to have more value than those factory’s oops. can you clarify? I have about 3000 pieces, all not opened. First time i got them was in 1997, i stopped getting them in 2003. Yes they are getting old. I want to sell all of them at once. It does have some good variations here and there. If you can point the right direction I could appreciate it. I want to get rid of them, I also have tons of racing champions, actions, and model car kits that i have never opened. wrapper still on. most of them are limited edition of 10k or so. I have nice Dale Earnhardt pieces, all never opened. If you know anyone… email me.. samolsen76@gmail.com Thanks.

  3. I have 2 #74s Porsche 934 RSR that say 2014 on the front and on the back they say he city 2015 speed team are they any rarity or value to them?

      1. I have a hot wheels bank.It’s a truck with flames on the side.still in the box.how do I find a price? Most likely from the early 1980s.

    1. I was given a box of hot wheel cars, all in perfect shape in their boxes. These were taken care of very well. I want to find out their value and what can be done with them as far as for sale

  4. Hello all! I started buying HW on 2005 (I wouldn’t call myself a collector, just an enthusiast…) and have about 100… mostly black cars or classic ones, and I would love to know if there’s a webpage where I can introduce the codes or something in order to find out if they’re worth something! ;) Any help will be highly appreciated! ;)

  5. I have collected yearly series of hot wheel cars and would like to find out the worth and maybe a buyer who would appreciate the value of these cars. Thank you Tim Bufford.

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