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  1. i found a large box with about 300 hot wheels all in great shape and boxed. how can i get pricing for them. i can see some of them are collectors items,
    thanks sergio at 773-430-0802
    i need to sell all of them

  2. is there such a thing on variation value on if the factory forgot to put in a windshield on a sweet 16 2. one of those 2008 f.e.
    Im just wondering. Also, If I found a car packed into a wrong card. odd enough, i found 3 cars misplaced on wrong card, same kind. pearl driver series. 3 of them are wrong. one is correct. Is there any rare valuation on those type of things? or just color of logo, color of paint, and type of rims only? I asked because those variation on intentional seem to have more value than those factory’s oops. can you clarify? I have about 3000 pieces, all not opened. First time i got them was in 1997, i stopped getting them in 2003. Yes they are getting old. I want to sell all of them at once. It does have some good variations here and there. If you can point the right direction I could appreciate it. I want to get rid of them, I also have tons of racing champions, actions, and model car kits that i have never opened. wrapper still on. most of them are limited edition of 10k or so. I have nice Dale Earnhardt pieces, all never opened. If you know anyone… email me.. samolsen76@gmail.com Thanks.

  3. I have 2 #74s Porsche 934 RSR that say 2014 on the front and on the back they say he city 2015 speed team are they any rarity or value to them?

  4. Hello all! I started buying HW on 2005 (I wouldn’t call myself a collector, just an enthusiast…) and have about 100… mostly black cars or classic ones, and I would love to know if there’s a webpage where I can introduce the codes or something in order to find out if they’re worth something! ;) Any help will be highly appreciated! ;)

  5. I have collected yearly series of hot wheel cars and would like to find out the worth and maybe a buyer who would appreciate the value of these cars. Thank you Tim Bufford.

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