Batch N mainlines

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Batch N mainlines

Postby 1hotrod » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:49 am

Here is the list from MCCH for the batch N mainline cars:

018-`71 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser-blue
064- MBX Street Cleaner-red
080- VW Saveiro Cross-orange
089- Sahara Survivor-white

005- Aston Martin DBS Volante-red
028- BMW Mini Cooper S Cabriolet-red
037-`10 Cadillac CTS Wagon-burnt orange
049- Ford Taurus Police Interceptor-white
068- Ford Crown Vic Taxi-gold
080- VW Saveiro Cross-black
081- Coyote 200-blue
084- Baja Bullet-yellow

The Cadillac Ambulance from batch K is now in this US assortment.
There are 2 more models to be released for 2011 as of this batch.
I hope you can find what you need!
Rod :wink:

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