galaxie Police cars

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galaxie Police cars

Postby OpenIt » Tue May 01, 2012 2:11 am

im looking to do a custom Project and need some galaxies. only thing i would care about is that the body is straight and the windows are good. decals Paint wheels all getting changed out so i dont care about that. let me know if you have one or more and anyone who sees one at a flea market garage sale whatever grab it for me ill Pay or trade but i need a few so Please do grab them when you see them. thanks.

wheels were made to role.
-open it

need 2O1O batmobile first addition
2OO4 batmobile first addition PurPle
2OO4 Hard nozed batmobile
2OO4 Crooze btmbl
2OO4 #31 btmbl
FLINTMOBILE & goodyear blimP

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