2013 Batch C Mainlines

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2013 Batch C Mainlines

Postby 1hotrod » Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:15 pm

Here is the list from MCCH for the January batch C mainlines:

007-SWAT Truck-black
008-Porsche 911 GT3-white
039-GMC School Bus-orange
048-Road Roller-green
092-Blizzard Buster-red
116-AVV 6x6-silver

These 7 models make 20 of 120 released so far for 2013
with 0 of 5 recolors released.

2012 Models released with this batch:

008-Load Lifter-green
057-Sowing Machine-white
118-Ford Explorer Interceptor-white

These 3 models make 116 of 120 released so far for 2012 models
with 5 of 5 recolors released.

I hope you find the ones that you need!
Rod :wink:

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