2013 Batch H Mainlines

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2013 Batch H Mainlines

Postby 1hotrod » Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:52 pm

Here is the list from MCCH for the batch H mainlines:

001-Two Story Bus-gold/white
005-Street Sweeper-white
026-Highway Maintenance Truck w/plow-yellow
034-2000 Corvette Convertible-green
042-Dump Dozer-silver/yellow
043-Trail Tipper-blue/gray
058-Ford Taurus Police Interceptor-black
067-Pierce Dash Fire Engine-red
086-Road Tripper 4x4-mint
102-Isuzu Amigo-green
118-Rock Shocker-purple

092-Blizzard Buster-blue

Looks like 11 models in this batch with 1 recolor.
This brings us to 63 of 120 released so far and
2 of 5 recolors released.

I hope you can find the ones that you need!
Rod :wink:

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