First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels P Case 1

The 2014 Hot Wheels P Case releases have found their way to Ebay.  So far, only one of each release has been seen on Ebay.  Because they are so new and not readily available, they are commanding high prices, for the moment.  This will change as more hit the secondary market but many of the regular releases are going for $6-10, the La Fasta Treasure Hunt is going for $20, and the Super Treasure Hunt Harley Davidson Fatboy just sold for $50!  Don’t expect these prices to last for long, they are sure to come down.

Do you sometimes find Hot Wheels before anyone else?  If so, come share with us on our Message Board.

You can see the images below as well as find them listed in the 2014 Hot Wheels price guides.

The Fire Truck Thread

Over on our Message Board, we have started the “Fire Truck Thread.”  We want to see how many die cast fire truck pictures we can post to the thread.  It will be an on-going “virtual collection.”  If you have some fire trucks in your collection that aren’t already posted, snap a picture and then add them to the “virtual collection” by posting them to the “Fire Truck Thread.”

It doesn’t matter if they are Hot Wheels, Matchbox, or some other brand, if you have some fire trucks, join in on the fun.

First Look: Twin Mill Super Treasure Hunt 5

The 2014 H-Case was released first back in March, but many of them are still hitting the shelves right now.  If you are lucky enough to find an H-Case with a Super Treasure Hunt in it, you would find the original Twin Mill in Spectraflame green with Real Rider wheels.  This would be the closest release to date to the real-life Twin Mill which has recently been painted Spectraflame green.    The real Twin Mill features dual 504 big block engines that combine to produce around 1400 horsepower!

The Twin Mill Super Treasure Hunt is one of the best bargains for 2014.  It currently averages $10 to $12 on the secondary market.  If you find one, share it with our community over on our message board.

First Look: ’83 Chevy Silverado Super Treasure Hunt 2

As if Mattel putting a yellow ’83 Chevy Silverado in the 2014 Hot Wheels K-Cases wasn’t awesome enough, they had to go and add a Super Treasure Hunt version as well.  The Super Treasure Hunt version features Spectraflame gold paint and Real Rider wheels.  This is such an awesome casting on it’s own.  I’m glad to see it as a Super.

'83 Chevy Silverado Super Treasure Hunt

’83 Chevy Silverado Super Treasure Hunt

It is currently going for $20-25 on the secondary market.  If you find one, tell us about it on our Message Board.

What’s Hot Now: Spider-Man Evil Twin 3

With the release of the 8-car Spider-Man series by Hot Wheels, everyone is scrambling to find car #8, the Evil Twin.  This one prominently features Venom on the front of the card.  There have been many reports of 8 to 10 cases of the Spider-Man series showing up at stores, with only 1 or 2 Evil Twins to be found in the whole lot.

Many collectors are trying to complete the Spider-Man set right now, and with the Evil Twin being so hard to find, they are selling for $20-25 on the secondary market right now.

Spider-Man Series Evil Twin

Spider-Man Series Evil Twin