What’s Hot Now: Spider-Man Evil Twin 3

With the release of the 8-car Spider-Man series by Hot Wheels, everyone is scrambling to find car #8, the Evil Twin.  This one prominently features Venom on the front of the card.  There have been many reports of 8 to 10 cases of the Spider-Man series showing up at stores, with only 1 or 2 Evil Twins to be found in the whole lot.

Many collectors are trying to complete the Spider-Man set right now, and with the Evil Twin being so hard to find, they are selling for $20-25 on the secondary market right now.

Spider-Man Series Evil Twin

Spider-Man Series Evil Twin

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3 thoughts on “What’s Hot Now: Spider-Man Evil Twin

  • Michael Davis

    I have looked everywhere for this Evil Twin to complete the 8 car set. My 3 year old son Liam and I share a love for hotwheels. Liam lives and breathes Spiderman and this will be his first collectors set that I will pass down to him when the time comes. He has no idea that I have any one of the eight of these It is extremely important to me to complete this set for him. So please, if anyone out there has one for sale or knows where I would be able to acquire one, please e-mail me at onemadsoul@gmail.com, thank you. Hope to hear from someone soon